Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stimulus hand out, where is it going?

I don't know about you but I am absolutely irate over how much money has been dished out for banks, who are taking tax-payer money and having lavish parties and investing in other countries. I cannot understand why we are dishing out money for institutions who cannot account for the billions of dollars taken form the USA government. And most of it is pork. I am irate over the legislature who are in favor of the stimulus package. Who came up with this idea to hand out tax-payer money to individuals and institutions who are greedy and irresponsible.

This makes Bernie Madoff look like a school boy. Why does he go to jail and not these other goons who are ripping off the Americans don't. And people complained about president Bush and the failed policy of the Iraq war. And we still do. I think the stimulus package pails in comparison to the Iraq war and all the money we spent there. I believe it is the Democrats who first complained about the war in Iraq and now there is no mention of that issue. This stimulus package is as worse as the Iraq war. Who would have ever come up with a plan to bail out the banks when they spit in the face of hard working Americans. Does president Bush look bad now? I had high hopes for my future in this country, but not now. With the money given out in the stimulus and the war in Iraq, we are going to face serious financial challenges maybe not for our generation but generations to come.

The national debt in is the trillions now because of the stimulus. If I am in debt, I don't take out more debt. That's stupid. I guess that should be a question on the show, "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" I think we are seeing the inexperience of Barak Obama. Socialism and the death of Capitalism is not what I planned on when I voted for Barak Obama. I missed something somewhere. I think if we lose any of our freedoms under socialism then the people who died to keep this country free died in vain. My fear is Socialism will lead to a monarchy and that will erode all that we believe in and all that makes America who we are. Yes I desperately wanted to see the Democrats in office. The Democrats had a different way of looking at the government which I was hoping for when I voted for president Obama.

I think the Republicans made a mockery out of the government with their appetite for greed and power. They were like drug addicts who belonged in Rehab. Well they are out and I hope the Republicans can come back stronger. In the mean time the Republican party needs to get back to it's roots and get it's act together. Since I have no hope for the government I do have hope in God who is the one who is running this country. I think we need a radical shift back to our original roots. The Old Glory of our country. But with many unbelievers and different racial and religious groups that will probably not happen. I am not sure what will bring our country back from the edge of disaster. I think another Great Depression looms around the corner for our country. This time It think it will be worse than before.

I think it will be worst that before. People don't seem to care about others like before. I have a stable job now that took me several years to find. I am working hard on my job not only to keep it but to do an excellent job for my company to bring in as much money as I can to keep the company afloat. Fortunately, I am in the healthcare field which is booming. But my company gets most of it money from the government both state and federal. Obama's idea of healthcare for everyone is a good idea. From October 2007 to November 2008 I had no insurance. That was very scary. But thank God I got though it with no serious medical problems, no surgeries, and no car accidents. But Obama wants to take Kaiser Permanente and use it as the model to our healthcare system. OMG!!! WRONG!!! No absolutely not. Everyone in healthcare knows that Kaiser Permanente is the worst model for healthcare. I think we are in serious trouble folks.

Batten down the hatches folks because this is a "Perfect Storm". The financial burden the government is creating will destroy this country. If not now but definitely later. But in the end, I believe it is the end, the end of time. Biblical prophecy has already been written and it is not good. All this is leading up to what is called the "Tribulation". it is interesting to read the book of Revelation and see it coming true little by little, year after year. Don't be left behind.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A new president

Well as you all know there is a transition of power in the U.S. from the Bush era to the Obama presidency. And this is one change I am glad for.

In my years in politics on a local level, I saw a small idea of how a town is run. I saw how it is needed for people to put aside their agenda and political differences and do what is best, in this case it was the town. I was on the Economic Development Commission and the Democrats and Republicans had to work together for what was best for the town. We had to try to entice business to develop in our town. We worked hard on the commission. We came up with ideas to promote economic growth in the town. That was on a small scale.

I have yet to see this on a national level. We have seen and heard horror stories about the Bush era along with the Republicans in office. We have seen leadership in Washington, D.C. squandered and now our country is suffering the consequences. Some are saying these consequences will be long lasting some say we will get out of this recession. I am preparing for the worst. I am working as hard as I can to get debts paid off. All possible cash flow is going to pay off debt. And any unexpected money that comes in is going to pay down and off debt. I hope you do the same. I would never want to trade my freedom for food.

What will the Obama/Biden White House hold for us. I hope it holds new opportunities to turn our country around and help our fellow countryman. As it goes, jobs are hard to come by and more and more people are becoming homeless and hungry. We need to come together in these hard economic times to help each other. We cannot let our country slip into oblivion and become a lesser power. We need to work together to the betterment of each other.

And I am glad Barak Obama picked Rick Warren for his inauguration. I think Mr. Warren has an open mind and the willingness to serve the new president where he can.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well, it is Saturday, the weekend before this very important election between Barak Obama and John McCain. I believe both men have fought very hard for this election. Both sides have done their best to campaign for their thoughts, their party and their causes. Who will be president?

Before becoming a Democrat a few years ago, I have delved into the political process on a local level. I was actively involved in politics as a Republican. I left the Republican party because antics of those in it. The Repuplicans need better leadership. I was also so sick of hearing the rederick of some right-winged conservatives. They claim we need to bring our country back to the way it used to be. They only way that will happen is if these right-winged Conservatives pray for our country. How many of them actually do? It is God's responsiblity to bring that kind of change.

With all that said, I am a conservative. But, I have come to a place in my life to let others believe what they want to believe. You and I might not agree but we have to "agree to disagree". We need to come together as a country and work on issues that will help others in need. With the financial crisis going on, I do not believe it is judgement from God, but I believe it is a wake up call for our country to wake up and help each other.

We need to pray for our country for more than just once a year in May. We need to be on our knees begging God to help us with our attitudes toward each other, how we spend our money, the leaders who make decisions, and above all, who will lead us into the millennium. We are only 8 years into it. I believe we have gone in the wrong direction. I hope with change in Washington, D.C, that it will bring us back to believing in our country and those in it. Most of the world does not.

I hope that with the Presidential prayer team who has supported president Bush with prayer will do the same for the next president, I hope will be President Barak Obama. Whoever wins on election day it is extremely important to vote. Don't stand on the side lines and just wait for something to happen. I cannot believe when I hear how some people don't care to vote. that is a shame. This is an important election and your voice needs to be heard.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Presidential Debate and reaction

I wonder if any one saw the first of the presidential debates with McCain and Obama? I was absolutely floored by the attack of McCain toward Obama. I believe that Obama made some very good points for change while McCain did nothing but say negative things toward Obama. I did not hear anything good come out of the mouth of McCain only attack.

I hope that the American people do not fall for this kind of non-sense of McCain. He bragged about himself about his war record. Well, John, we got that a long time ago. And from the sounds of it, McCain has never let anyone forget what he went through. I think if McCain takes office we are in big trouble and NOTHING will get done in Washington,

It is so bitter now with the Republicans against the Democrats and visa versa. I think Obama will bring a leveling point to Washington, that McCain will not. I think McCain will make it worse. I could not believe the debate last night. McCain kept attacking Obama without provocation and he never said anything of real substance. I think McCain will bring that arrogant spirit to Washington and like I said Nothing Will get done. It will be 4 more years of a stale mate. What is McCain going to do, attack the Democrats in Congress? How much with that get us?

I actually started praying for Barak Obama that he can focus on the debate and not get flustered by McCain's attacks because Obama seemed defensive. I would be too if I were constantly attacked. I have less respect for John McCain than I did before. I do not think he is a credible candidate. I wonder what he really has done in Congress? I t did not seem to me that he learned anything and feel McCain is absolutely out of touch with most Americans. He doesn't know how many kitchen tables he has? How could he ever bring a stabilizing force for change? He cannot.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vice President Debate

After listening to both Vice Presidential Debates that the candidates debated very well. I hope that the presidential candidate that you choose will have more information from tonight. Who won? My view is Joe Biden came out articulately on the issues, where I felt Governor Palin used more flowerly words which showed her inexperience in Washington. I think both parties are balanced with inexperienced and experienced candidates. I hope that your party's Vice Presidential candidate answered your questions about Education, the Iraq War, the Economy, and other issues. I believe both candidates excellently supported their presidential candidate

Sunday, August 24, 2008

John Edwards Scandal

As you are all aware of the scandal of John Edwards. He was caught having an affair while running for president. The worse part of the scandal is that he cheated on his wife while she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. A disease his wife, Elizabeth is not determined to recover from.

It has made me angry that he did this because this shows to me a lack of respect for his wife. Where was the presidential hopeful when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer? As it has now surfaced, he was running for a position in the highest place in the country while cheating on his wife.

I felt sadden for his wife Elizabeth, who is I am sure, humiliated over this scandal. I am not sure why did not wait until she had passed away to start a new relationship, which would have been perfectly acceptable. But to be cheating on Elizabeth, while she was alive, has no regard for her or for her condition. If he cannot be a devoted husband during a family crisis, how can he run our country? I think it is best to say his political career is just about over.

I hope so. I would encourage you all to pray for Elizabeth, who has to battle this dreaded disease and how has to live with the heartbreak of this scandal.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not voting?

As I am talking to various people about the subject of the election I am agast over how many people are chosing NOT to vote. What is up with that?! Some people I talk to say their vote doesn't count anyway because it is the electorial college who votes. Well, who are they anyway?